Llechan lân | A clean slate


Castell Penrhyn is changing.

Over the coming months will be transforming the way we present our stories for our visitors  - both in the techniques and style of presentation and also in the decisions over which stories we decide to tell..

The truth is, in the past, we may not have found it easy to discuss the complex history of Penrhyn Castle. Perhaps it has been easier to shy away from the difficult narratives and concentrate on the 'nice' stories of regal visits and exquisite architecture - without a thought as to how all these things came to be.

This is about to change. And so are we.

Mindful that we have an obligation to be more honest and truthful about its past and much more to offer in terms of its present and future, we have embarked on a process or investigation and transformation we are keen to share with our members and visitors.

It won't be an easy journey. We'll need to take a good hard look at Penrhyn's past and come to terms with a sometimes difficult and dark history. We hope to see how this shaped the landscape and communities both locally and around the world - doing the Penrhyn story justice.

We're not quite sure how this will happen yet, we might even get things wrong, but to do nothing would be worse.

We'd love to invite you to join us on this journey through regular blog posts and updates from the team, who have taken up residence in the Butler's Pantry, as well as give you the opportunity to get hands on and lend us a hand and your opinions as we go.

I think we're ready.

Latest updates

14 Dec 16

Tales from the Butler's Pantry: There’s nothing like a good story

There’s nothing like a good story to take you out of your familiar world for a while. And a good story needs good characters, real, fully rounded players that bring the narrative alive. Without these we have no more than a shell, an idea, but no emotional connection... Penrhyn Castle is currently such a shell. Read more

Anna Susannah Warburton, the 1st Lady Penrhyn. Painting oin displpay at Penrhyn CAstle

21 Nov 16

Hello from the Butler's Pantry

Some of our team have taken up residency in a hidden corner of the castle. What exactly will be going on inside the Butler's Pantry

The Butler's Pantry at Penrhyn Castle, North Wales