Plas yn Rhiw’s spring garden

Llifon Jones, Head Gardener Llifon Jones Head Gardener
Pink flowers at Plas yn Rhiw

Perched on a hillside overlooking Cardigan Bay Plas yn Rhiw’s garden is awaking with the sound of spring chorus and blooming blossoms.

Early signs of spring have already been spotted as ‘February gold’ daffodils made their appearance in early January followed by the sea of snowdrops that carpet the garden and woodland. Daffodils of all shapes and sizes will be glistening throughout spring and herald another year of colourful and vibrant display.

The Garden

Welcoming you into the garden are beautiful Camellias such as ‘Citation’, ‘Lady Clare’ and ‘Cornish Snow’; early blooms of ‘Cornish Red’ Rhododendron and specimen Magnolia ‘Campbellii’, magnolia ‘Kobus’ and magnolia ‘Stellata’.

Vanilla scented box-leaf azara (dark glossy leaves with a deep yellow flower), yellow honeysuckle scented Azalea pontica and the highly fragrant purplish-pink and white flowers of Daphne Bholua fill the garden with aroma.

See the wisteria draping down from the outbuilding
Wisteria at Plas yn Rhiw, Llŷn Peninsula
See the wisteria draping down from the outbuilding

A late spring display is given by the climbing wisteria, smothering the old outbuildings; the unusual ‘Berberis valiviana’ with its drooping golden flowers and the honey scented ‘Euphorbia mellifera’ which will be crawling with pollinators. ‘Corylopsis sinensis’ or the winter hazel will fill the garden with its steady aroma throughout April.

Herbaceous gems include ‘Chrysosplenium macrophyllum’ with its attractive white flower heads, large established clumps of hellebores ranging from deep purple to pure white and a vast array of tulips.

The parkland and beyond

Bask among the spectacular display of bluebells carpeting the woodland floor, with the unmistakable yellow dazzle of primroses. 

The orchard will come to life in late April and May, with over 130 trees coming into bloom. The grassland will also be of interest, look out for common spotted orchids, bird foot trefoil and the cuckoo flower. The cuckoo is known to visit Plas yn Rhiw and has been heard and sighted here in the past few years.

The orchard in bloom in May
Head Gardener at the orchard at Plas yn Rhiw
The orchard in bloom in May