Finlay Mitchell

Wales Nature Ambassador

Finlay Mitchell - Wales Nature Ambassador

“I love Sugar Loaf, it is one of my favourite places of all time. It’s so clean, so fresh which makes you feel alive. Running up mountains sounds crazy, but it really does give you an immense feeling of satisfaction. The struggle to the top, no matter how you get there, is always worth it upon seeing that view.”

Encouraged to play outdoors rather than in front of a screen, Fin is now a Personal Trainer who uses his three local peaks to train. He completes every walk with a headstand at the summit, getting other visitors to join him too.

Why Sugar Loaf is so special

“The county of Monmouthshire is where I have lived all my life - I have travelled to mountains in Europe, Canada and even stood looking down at the impossibly built kingdom of Machu Picchu and in my opinion nothing can beat the landscape that's in our own backyard...but maybe I'm biased!”

Why spend more time outdoors?

“Being outside is good for the soul! We don't realise how good it is to just move. It keeps the muscles and joints mobile, blood pumping and has an amazing effect on our mental health. Life has become sedentary, we spend all day in front of a screen, we are losing the art of conversation. Take a friend for a walk, turn the phones off and enjoy the peacefulness nature can offer.”