Upper Conwy Catchment Project


The entire Conwy catchment covers over 574 km2 - an area the size of the Isle of Man. There are busy tourist towns including Conwy and Betws y Coed, rural villages such as Cwm Penmachno and remote hill farms such as those on the Ysbyty Ifan estate.

The habitats change across the landscape, from blanket bog and moorland in the higher reaches of the Migneint to ffridd and woodland as you wind down towards lush lowland farms, meadows and estuaries. Rivers travel the entire length of the landscape connecting habitats and homes with the source of water up on the Migneint to the sea at Conwy.

While our work is focussed in the Upper Conwy, we hope to have positive impacts downstream and across the entire Conwy Catchment, as demonstrated by the map and video below. 

A spotlight on Carrog farm
Carrog farmhouse next to Cwm Penmachno sign in Snowdonia

Carrog: a flagship farm 

Find out how Carrog Farm at Cwm Penmachno is set to become one of the Upper Conwy Catchment projects' flagship sites.

Working with communities

By involving local communities and working together we can achieve great things! We've organised drop in sessions and special events, as well as attending communtiy events and forging new links within the Conwy catchment. 

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Using the Mabinogion to explore flooding reality  

Are you familiar with the tale of Yr Afanc? According to legend, Yr Afanc was a mythical creature living in the Conwy Valley.

What's next?
Boardwalk running through woodland alongside Afon Llugwy, Conwy

A boost for well-being of nature and people along Afon Conwy 

Learn about how a new project will benefit nature and people living along the Afon Conwy.

Latest updates

15 Oct 19

Otter spotted at Carrog

We spotted an otter on our wildlife camera this autumn - a great sign that the restoration works has helped improve the habitat and food source for these shy creatures. Ysgol Penmachno will be monitoring the site - so fingers crossed for more wildlife sightings soon. Since the completion of the second phase of river restoration works at Carrog we've spotted kingfishers, dipper, brown trout and a cormorant on this section of the river.

Black and white image of otter at Carrog, Cwm Penmachno

09 Aug 19

Tir Afon project is celebrated at Eisteddfod

A new £1.2 million project was celebrated at the National Eisteddfod. Tir Afon will provide a boost for the well-being of nature and people along Conwy river.

Boardwalk running through woodland alongside Afon Llugwy, Conwy

14 Jul 19

Second phase of river restoration underway at Carrog

Work to restore part of the Afon Machno to a more natural state is progressing well. At Carrog in Cwm Penmachno, we’ve recently been working with Natural Resources Wales to lower another stretch of river bank, getting rid of an artificial embankment. This will help reconnect the river with its natural flood plain, making more space for water and helping alleviate flooding downstream. Boulders from the embankment have also been placed back in the river to improve spawning and resting areas for fish.

Two orange diggers on eitherside of the Afon Machno at Carrog, Cwm Penmachno. Larger on  on the left is putting in gravel / rocks from an artificial embankment into the back of the smaller one on the right