Nature: who leads the pack?

mother and baby elephant

Have you ever wondered about our wildlife's social set up? If so, this event could be for you...

Who's the boss?

Nature abounds here in leafy Surrey but have you ever wondered who rules the roost if you're not a human? Come along and delve into the social circles of our magical wildlife kingdom, from our local to our not-so-local friends. 

Discover why honeybees dance, whether squirrels respect their elders and which elephant trumps the loudest when you follow our nature trail. 

With wildlife themed crafts & activities to keep you buzzing, maybe you’ll become the next Dr Doolittle...

When's it happening?

Every day from Monday 28 May to Friday 1 June from 11am to 5pm at Dapdune Wharf in Guildford.  Normal admission plus £2.50 for children's activities.