Working in partnership for nature in Plymouth


Working in partnership with Plymouth City Council and five other local organisations, Saltram aims to put nature at the heart of decision making in the Green Minds project.

Joint work with project partners across Plymouth, funded by Urban Innovative Actions and the European Union, has ambitions to develop areas of the estate for nature and improve access and opportunities for supporters. We’re excited to be involved in such an innovative project for nature here at Saltram and in the city. Join us throughout the project to find out more about how we can protect nature and upcoming opportunities to participate.

Green Minds project partners
Green Minds project Partners
Green Minds project partners

The project has three key areas of focus at Saltram:

  • Extending the orchard with the local community, including a learning facility in the outdoors that can be used for community engagement, training and skills development.
  • Improving the habitat along an old metalled A road, reinstating it as a corridor for nature and recreation; and investigating the feasibility of connecting to other local green spaces.
  • Research and develop proposals to restore the lost valley garden in the Dell which balance wildlife with improved visitor access, helping people get closer to, and connect with, nature.
" The National Trust is really thrilled to be part of this great project and looking forward to working with and learning more from our expert partners who provide so much knowledge, energy and exciting ideas to help people and organisations in Plymouth connect with nature."
- Jez McDermott, General Manager, Saltram & Plymbridge

This work gives us the opportunity to reach beyond our boundaries and to be more integrated into the city around us, resulting in connected land, a strengthened volunteer and professional workforce and a love of green spaces across the city.


Introducing Green Minds, Plymouth

Green Minds aims to put nature at the heart of our decision making and inspire a new wave of citywide investment in nature based solutions in Plymouth, UK. This means fundamentally challenging our existing attitudes and behaviours towards nature: how we think about it; how we engage with it; how we work with it.

Don’t forget to check back here for updates and ways to get involved including volunteering opportunities and events as the work continues to develop. Search for Nature Plymouth on Facebook or visit the Green Minds dedicated site to stay up to date with all our partners. 


Working in, with, and for nature; behind the scenes with National Trust Rangers

Ever wondered what the role of a Ranger involves at Saltram and Plymbridge? On 9th June the Saltram & Plymbridge Ranger team held a webinar to talk about the Green Minds project and their work. They discussed peregrines, woodland management, volunteering, ecological surveying, saltmarshes, orchards, and balancing access and conservation. They also answered questions from the webinar viewers.

Latest updates

22 Feb 22

Plymouth College of Arts students visit to gather creative inspiration

The wonderful Plymouth College of art students came along to Saltram once again last week to refine their ideas for their display boards for the rewilding strip we introduced in the summer of 2021. The area which is nearly 700m long is undergoing quite a bit of change! Cattle have been moved out from this land for a few months and the grass and wild flowers are preparing to spring up really soon. The students are researching the species of plants and animals that might appear now the space has been left to grow wild with rangers close at hand to share their knowledge of flora and fauna that we can expect to see. Their artwork will be displayed along the strip of land at the top of the estate along the old road. Each display board will represent a different aspect of the rewilding project from heritage and history of the area to nature and ecology.

Plymouth College of Art logo, Green Minds project Partner

09 Aug 21

Love parks week

The Ranger team attended Plymouth 'We love parks' week event at the Plymouth Pannier Market. We spent the day engaging with members of the public and talking about all the great work we do as a team across the estate here at Saltram. We mainly focussed on the big projects/changes that have been going on across the estate. These are namely Ash Dieback (Hymenoscyphus fraxineus) and the Orchard restoration work and new management works that have been going on which include planting and ecological surveying.

Rangers attending Love Parks Week

16 Jun 21

Working with Plymouth College of Art

We've started to collaborate with Plymouth College of Art on a plan for illustration students to create artist impressions of Saltram's investment sites. This gives students a 'real world' experience of producing work for a client and helps us to bring the work to life. Hopefully they'll also support with creating trails and visitor information boards.

Plymouth College of Art logo, Green Minds project Partner