May half-term at Scotney Castle

A forest den

The days are getting warmer and the sun is shining, so why not head outdoors and burn off some spring energy with us this half-term. We'd love to see you at Scotney for a family day out. Enjoy the beautiful views from the bastion, venture out on a family fun guided estate walk or start ticking off your 50 things to do before you’re 11 ¾ list.

Family fun guided walk, 26 May – 3 June, 11am & 2pm

Join our estate guides for a walk around the Scotney Castle estate, which is very much family friendly. This walk will incorporate a visit to our Wilderness Camp and our natural play trail. Find the big tree swing in the pasture, search for butterflies in the long grass, before heading to the castle view point. Finally walk back over the poachers' bridge into the garden. On this walk you can learn about some of the activities enjoyed by the children that lived at Scotney in the 19th Century.

Children of Scotney trail, 26 May – 3 June, 10am-5pm, £2 per trail

Following the recent discovery of Edward Windsor Hussey’s childhood diaries, young explorers will now be able to experience some of the wild adventures and experiences him and his sisters used to have at Scotney. Join us for a trail around the garden to hear about Edward’s more unusual childhood experiences, like firing the canons and climbing the clock tower.

Hunt for bugs
Children looking at creatures captured in pots
Hunt for bugs

'50 Things' at Scotney Castle

The estate at Scotney Castle is a great place to tick off some of your ’50 Things’ activities. What will you find on your visit?

• Explore our estate and visit our wilderness camp to build a den in the woods. Why not bring along a picnic and eat under the shelter of your new home?

• You can find all sorts of creatures lurking in our garden and estate. Great spots for hunting bugs are under stones and wood, the branches, bark and leaves of trees and in long grass. Keep your eyes peeled like a real nature detective if you want to see them.

• There’s something magical about stumbling across an old hollow tree buried deep within a wood. Who knows what you’ll discover when you explore inside.

• Relax amongst the colourful flowers on the estate and find daisies to make daisy chains.

• Create some wild art with fallen petals from our blossom trees, acorns from the oak trees and greenery and twigs from our hedges.


Pond dipping, Wednesday 30 May, 11am-12pm & 2-3pm

£2 per child, limited numbers

Water boatmen, water scorpians, pond skaters, mayfly nymphs… there’s an extraordinary world just waiting to be discovered hiding under the surface of castle moat. We'll provide the nets, identification charts and the pots so you can see what you might find. Details at visitor reception on arrival.