Perfect picnic spots at Scotney Castle

View of the Old Castle from the perfect picnic location

We know that its sometimes hard to pick the perfect location for your picnic. But don't worry we've selected our top five spots at Scotney Castle for you below.

1. The picture perfect view

With this view you can't go wrong for your picnic view. The true classic view of Scotney Castle is the perfect accompaniment for any picnic. You can't miss this spot as you reach the top of the garden from either entrance. 

View of the Old Castle from the perfect picnic location
View of the Old Castle from the perfect picnic location

2. The Castle island

If sitting amongst the ruins is more your thing then this is the perfect location for you. There are plenty of benches to sit and enjoy a sandwich or roll out your picnic rug on the lawn at the back of the Castle and enjoy. Beware of the swans and ducks in this location, hold on tight to your sandwiches!

The perfect place to unwind with a picnic on the Old Castle island
The Old Castle island

3. Estate view

If views of the parkland is what you are looking for then this bench is the one for you. There is plenty of space to sit and enjoy the view with your lunch. This one is great if you don't want to walk too far into the gardens with your picnic hamper, its just a short walk from the house.

This bench provides the perfect picnic stop with a view of the estate
The ha ha bench in the garden

4. The walled garden

Our walled garden is exactly one acre, its full of colour from flowers and bursting with produce. This picnic spot includes the opportunity to top up your picnic with some fresh produce on sale within the walled garden. This is a quieter space and perfect for sitting on a bench watching the world go by.

Sit amongst the produce in the walled garden for your perfect picnic
The walled garden at Scotney Castle

5. The Queen mothers lawn

Nestled in the heart of the garden this space is perfect for rolling our picnic blanket and settling in for the day. Shade is created by the beautiful Tulip tree, making it the ideal spot in the heat of the day. This is our closest recommendation to our play area, so it should be a hit with all the family.

A perfect sunny spot in the gardens
Queen mothers lawn in the garden