The Estate at Scotney Castle

The Scotney Castle estate is ready for exploring. Our ancient parkland and Wealden woodlands are crisscrossed by way marked routes and fantastic views. Perfect for picnics, scenic walks and mini-adventures.

780 acres to explore

The Scotney Castle estate has a long and varied history. Our grade one listed parkland, full of magnificent veteran trees, shows its association with a formal dwelling for over 1000 years, and offers great views of the old castle, garden and mansion. Sussex cattle have been a proud feature of the landscape since Victorian times but sheep have been grazed for even longer. Our woodlands are characteristic of the Wealden landscape and cover 300 acres of our estate. They boast connections with wood-pasture, charcoal production and the once lucrative hop industry. Our tenant farmer still grows, picks and dries hops at Little Scotney Farm.

Guided walks

The estate can also be explored through a guided walk. Volunteers lead walks throughout the week and highlight the seasonal variations and otherwise unnoticed aspects of our magnificent estate. So if you fancy putting your boots in the car then you would be more than welcome to join us.

Please note that waks will take place when we have volunteers available. We advise ringing the property office on 01892 893820 on the day, to check if these will be running.

Themed walks 2019

Scotney History people and places, 9-15 March

Woodland walk to wilderness camp, 13-19 April

Signs of spring, 27 April-6 May

Tree Detectives, 25 May-2 June

Woodlands Past and Present, 22-30 June

Wildflower Meadows at Scotney, 6-12 July

Butterflies, Dragonflies and demoiselles, 24 July-9 August

Rivers and ponds of Scotney, 17-26 August

Check our 'What's on' page for further information on our special seasonal walks.


Dogs are welcome on our estate but we ask you to keep them on a lead. There are drinking bowls in the visitor courtyard and by the walkers toilet block, which are open all year round.

Perfect for picnics

There is nothing quite like a picnic with the family on a hot summers day and you are welcome to picnic anywhere on our estate.