The House at Scotney Castle

The new house at Scotney Castle, Kent

Crammed with paintings, textiles, furniture and books the house feels like the last owner Betty has just popped out to shops. Even her cat still wanders through the rooms looking for a warm place to sit.

A picturesque home

The house was built by Edward Hussey III from the sandstone quarried from the grounds of the Old Castle. It is positioned to overlook the Castle and estate and the garden was also designed and created at the same time. This meant that all the three elements: house, garden and estate would work as one in creating a perfect picturesque country home.
The wood panelling and some of the significant furniture was also designed specifically for the house by Salvin which gives a lovely flow of continuity to the home. However the Hussey family were great collectors and hoarders of everything so you will see many influences from different generations as you walk around.

Help colour Scotney Castle

We are raising funds to bring colour back to our staircase. We have 22 rolls of replica wallpaper ready to reinstate a golden glow and now need to raise the money to redecorate our grand staircase.
Find out more and donate online here