The Walled Garden at Scotney Castle

The Scotney Castle estate covers 770 acres of which around 20 acres is garden. Using the 14th century moated castle as the romantic focal point, Edward Hussey III planned the garden and landscape in the 1830s in the picturesque style. As part of this plan, he commissioned Anthony Salvin to build a new mansion house in a commanding position from which to enjoy his creation.

At around the same time Salvin also designed the walled garden lying west-north west of this new house.  It’s of an unusual octagonal shape, with only 8 in Britain of octagonal shape, and little is known of its history, development or use, though it was certainly used as a kitchen garden growing fruit and vegetables from approximately 1840. A glasshouse (a vinery) lying against the north wall seems to have been part of the original design as does a central cistern or dipping pond. Today the vinery still houses two grape vines.

Since 2011 the walled garden has been a demonstration garden. This is where our gardeners have trained fruit trees along the inside walls. Soft fruits are grown in the fruit cages and a selection of vegetables and herbs are grown in neatly tendered beds. Specific cut flower beds are planted to produce flowers for the house that were used during Mrs Hussey’s time. Produce is often used in our tea-room and is also sold on site in the walled garden, with all proceeds going towards the upkeep of the garden and estate.

Flowers in the Walled Garden at Scotney Castle
Flowers in the Walled Garden at Scotney Castle
Flowers in the Walled Garden at Scotney Castle

Upcoming walled garden Wednesday talks

Why not join one of our fortnightly talks to allow you to improve your knowledge on growing fruit and vegetables? These talks are hosted by our gardeners and take place in the walled garden 2pm-3pm.

" Went to the kitchen garden with Mama to collect flowers for the house."