Gayle Kirk

Volunteer gardener, Scotney Castle

Gayle Kirk - Volunteer gardener

Gayle Kirk talks about her volunteering at Scotney Castle and how she is learning how to care for this special place, with the help of our garden team.

For the past 14 months I have been volunteering at Scotney Castle as a garden volunteer, working six hours each week. I have always thought that i'd like to work in a garden and Scotney presented me with the opportunity to gain experience of working in beautiful grounds, with the vision of doing an RHS course at college. 

When I looked on the National Trust website they were asking for garden volunteers at Scotney Castle, so I jumped at the chance. I love working as part of a team and the garden staff have been so welcoming and patient, as well as very helpful. I am a very basic gardener so I really enjoy learning from the staff, who are very generous with their knowledge.

I am now planning to start a college course in September to learn more as I find it so interesting. Volunteering at Scotney Castle is so flexible and can fit around your other hobbies and commitments. It is not only a great place to showcase your skills, but also to meet new people and have fun!