Family fun at Seaton Delaval Hall

A mother a child on the playscape

There’s lots of fun for families at Seaton Delaval Hall, with lots of wide open spaces to play and burn off some energy.

50 things

Have a 50 things adventure at Seaton Delaval Hall – try building a den, making a home for a wild animal, bird watching or geocaching.

Adventure playscape

Crawl, jump and climb around the natural playscape, made from trees from the estate. You can even tick off No. 22 from the 50 things activities; explore inside a tree. There’s tunnels, bridges and steps to explore so let your imagination run wild – what game will you invent? 


We have Sir John Vanbrugh to thank for creating this wonderful landscape, filled with wide, open spaces – as well as some more secluded and secret spots! Think of us as your extended back garden and enjoy running wild and free in the landscape – just like the unruly Delaval children would have done!

Treasure hunting

Pick up a geocaching kit from the admissions team and set off on a Delaval treasure hunt! You’ll have to use the GPS tracker to search far and wide, high and low to find what’s hidden in the gardens and grounds.