Join the Seaton Delaval Hall team

Deadheaded roses in a wheelbarrow in the garden at Seaton Delaval Hall, Northumberland.

Please note: Due to the current Coronavirus crisis we are unable to recruit for any new volunteering roles at the moment. Please continue to check the webpage for updates.

Join in at Seaton Delaval Hall​

We mainly need room guides, but there are also opportunities to volunteer in other departments. For information on joining our team, please email Seaton Delaval Hall or ring 0191 237 9100.


There's a quite a bit to do here, and we need all the volunteers we can get to help offer tours, run events, keep the gardens in check, meet visitors, run the cafe. Phew, the list is endless...


We love history and we especially love conservation. The team and outside help have really allowed us to care for Seaton and make it a place for visitors to enjoy.

Come and see us

Every time you visit, every time you take part in an event or even when you buy a cake in the shop you're helping us to keep this special place alive for future generations. Thank you.