Our Work at Seaton Delaval Hall

Working hard to look after this special place

Since acquiring Seaton Delaval Hall conservation has been top of the list.

Where to start..?

There's been challenges (nesting jackdaws) but we've had the pleasure of working with a wide range of experts such as stonemasons, builders and a vet! We're still not finished so keep popping back to see how it's progressing.

Restoring the stucco muses

The stucco statues needed an expert such as Sculpture Conservationist Graciela Ainsworth.
Along with her team, they spent weeks working their magic on six of the 1720s stucco Muses in the Great Hall. They also helped with the external carved sandstone pediment. Brilliant.
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X-raying the stucco statues

To check the iron framework of the stucco plaster muses, local vet, Stephen Bradley, brought along his portable x-ray equipment.
Teetering on 10 metre high scaffolding with stone and plaster specialists, Trevor Proudfoot and Graciela Ainsworth, Stephen took remarkable images of the extremely delicate statues.

Restoring the floor

The Georgian floor tiles in the Central Hall have been carefully lifted and laid out on plywood, and their original positions recorded.
The black tiles suffered more than the white as they had been de-laminated, making the restoration process more difficult. Pigments had to be carefully mixed with resin before the broken pieces could be bonded together, restored and re-used.

The chimney stacks

Thanks to the SITA Trust's funding to save the Central Hall work to restore the chimney stacks was on the way.
Unfortunately tools were sharp downed and work was halted by... none other than nesting jackdaw chicks. Ironically, these could be the descendants of the jackdaws whose nests caused the devastating fire in1822.

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The corner stone

On the North side of Seaton Delaval's Central Hall is a brand new piece of stone.
Lovingly carved on-site and fitted by an amazing team, this was the last piece to be fitted, and then the scaffolding could be taken down.

The SITA Trust

Seaton Delaval Hall was handed a vital lifeline after winning funding from the SITA Trust to save the central hall.
This allowed us to make the building safe for visitors, conserve and improve essential parts of the building and retain the estate's character.
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