Rising Stars

A model of Seaton Delaval Hall

At the heart of the Curtain Rises project is an engagement programme which builds on Seaton Delaval Hall’s theatrical and creative heritage. Rising Stars is a partnership between Northumbria University and Seaton Delaval Hall to work collaboratively with students to develop the offer at the hall and provide experience of working in the heritage sector.

Rising Stars is structured around key areas from Conservation in Action, Oral Histories and Collections Store and Spotlight Space.

Conservation in action at Seaton Delaval Hall

Conservation in action

Working with Masters in Conservation students from Northumbria University, our collections and house, staff and volunteers are able to expand their capacity for conservation. This also provides students with valuable, practical experience getting hands-on with a varied and significant collection. We will be creating opportunities for visitors to see conservation work happening, meet the teams involved and see a side of our collection rarely seen before.

Work on the new collections store interpretation

Collections store

A cohort of students from the Undergraduate and Postgraduate Interior Architecture courses at Northumbria University are working with Seaton Delaval Hall staff and volunteers. Together we are developing a collections store that’s accessible to visitors. The store will have interactive features and will help visitors find out more about the collection.

University students on the steps of Seaton Delaval Hall

Schools at Seaton Delaval Hall

We have been working with Fine Art and PGCE students from Northumbria University to develop an educational offer for school visits. Students are helping us to provide cross-curricular resources for secondary school teachers that work on-site and in the classroom. The ideas have been developed in response to consultation with teachers locally and will help us strengthen our schools offer.

An illustration created by a student

Transformational engagement

With so much change in store at the hall, we are working with second year undergraduate Interior Architecture students to keep you up-to-date with what’s going on. The students are developing ‘pop up’ structures that will be placed around the site, offering interesting insights in to the hall and its history.

A group of university students

Spirit of place

We think it’s important that our visitors have an opportunity to engage with the spirit of the Delaval’s, in light of and their flamboyant and fun lifestyle. We are working with Media and Tourism students to develop and deliver events across the site. Look out for upcoming events at the Hall.

A portrait of award-winning poet, educator and researcher Christy Ducker

Writer in residence

The award-winning poet, educator and researcher Christy Ducker has been appointed writer in residence at Seaton Delaval Hall. The residency is a partnership between the National Trust, New Writing North and Northumbria University. Christy is researching and developing new work inspired by both the hall and the Delaval family history, as well as running creative writing courses and workshops for aspiring writers and visitors to the hall.

Autumn at Seaton Delaval Hall

A digital Seaton Delaval Hall

In Autumn 2020 we will begin to work with Masters Fine Art students to explore a digital interpretation of the site. We hope to include stories from the local community and our archive to create a 360 interpretation that traverses time and space.

A model of Seaton Delaval Hall

Story of the Hall

Since October 2018 we have been working alongside Interior Architecture students, who have been getting to know the stories at Seaton Delaval Hall. They’ve looked through the collection and met with volunteers and staff to hear their favourite stories. We’ve challenged them to design a space that helps share their favourite stories with visitors.

A university student's animation

Animating spaces

Our Collections and House Officer, alongside designer Imogen Cloḕt and sound artist Kit Haigh, have been working with Masters Animation students. The students are creating animations to tell the stories of the Delavals’ antics in unexpected ways.

A group of four students outside Seaton Delaval Hall

Telling oral histories

Students from the Multidisciplinary Innovation Masters course are looking at how we can capture, archive and embed oral histories within the experience at Seaton Delaval Hall.

Seaton Delaval Hall Northumberland

Placements for students

Working at Seaton Delaval Hall can be a varied, exciting and innovative environment. As part of our partnership with Northumbria University, students from across the university have the opportunity to work with our team here. Whether that’s working alongside the Conservation team or going out about with the Partnerships and Participation team.