The story so far…

Seaton Delaval Hall, Northumberland

Over the past seven years we’ve been working hard to look after this special place. In 2014, a team of experts concluded that Seaton Delaval Hall is of “outstanding” cultural significance. We’ve achieved a lot since opening, and now the curtain is about to rise on a new chapter of Seaton Delaval Hall.

Since the National Trust began caring for Seaton Delaval Hall in 2009, conservation has always been top of the list.

From day one there has been a significant amount of backstage work which has both addressed major conservation requirements on site and in addition has helped us ensure that Seaton Delaval Hall is able to meet the demands of a property open to the public. Initial work such as repairing the Central Hall marble floor, installing essential services, re-wiring the West Wing, restoring the stucco muses, repairing the chimney stacks, re-roofing the East Wing and undertaking external stonework consolidation was quickly underway.

All of this work wouldn’t have been possible without the very generous support of many people. We have received funding from the Regional Development Agency, SITA Trust, The Wolfson Foundation, Natural England and of course the kind donations from the public and the local community.

These projects are vital to ensuring our ongoing commitment to look after the buildings and the landscape surrounding them. We have been working hard to ensure Seaton Delaval Hall can be enjoyed for many years to come, but what we’ve achieved so far is only the beginning…

We’ve carried out some important work over the last seven years but we’ve also identified key areas which need immediate attention to conserve this special place, meaning we can secure the building and landscape for the longer term. Seaton Delaval Hall is set to be the National Trust’s conservation priority in the next couple of years.

We are now planning an ambitious project to tackle these important conservation issues. We will be looking to stabilise buildings, walls and structures across the site and in the landscape around the main hall, reinstate the designed gardens, re-roof the West Wing and complete important masonry and timber repairs.

In addition to this we are also seeking to improve the visitor experience by investing in new facilities, play area and a café which will enable us to invite a whole range of people to join us in opening this new chapter for Seaton Delaval Hall.

This major project has received Development Funds from the Heritage Lottery Fund and we are working with them to secure a major grant which will enable us to deliver our plans. We hope these plans will secure the Hall for future generations to enjoy, as well as help bring to life the stories of the colourful characters that once called this place “home”.

The curtain is about to rise on a brand new chapter of Seaton Delaval Hall's story; there is more to come in helping to look after this amazing place.

If you’d like to find out more, donate, volunteer or get involved with the project in any way please email You can also text SEATON to 70060 and give £3 via your phone.

Thank-you for your continued support – we couldn’t do it without you.