Seaton Delaval Hall's corner stone

A stonemason working on a piece of stone at Seaton Delaval Hall

Recent work includes new pointing and lead work – after decades if not a century and a half - keeping water out of the building, window repairs and re-painting and on the North side at the top of one of the columns, is a beautiful new piece of stone.

Finely shaped and attached, it matches the original stone perfectly. This had to be replaced as it was so badly cracked and broken it was unsafe.
Locally sourced to match, the new addition was carved on-site by Brendan with a piece of the original beside him to copy. After weeks of work a huge crane lifted the tonne weight into place, very carefully! The crane man, his mate on the scaffolding acting as his eyes mixed with lots of hand signals, delicately handled the huge piece, lifting, turning and then offering it into place as Team Force’s masons and Burridges’ men strained to push the piece into its final position.
The carved stone of the frieze and tympanum (good Scrabble word) has been painstakingly stabilised. Pinned with stainless steel dowels and resins, gaps filled with mortar matched in colour to the stone and pieces re-attached, this is now off the critical list of areas needing saving.
Thousands of hours have been spent pointing the joints between masonry. Even something as basic as this, had to be approached with the care this building demands and deserves. To make sure the pointing was clean and sharp with no mortar on the stone, Burridges’ men taped around each joint with Duct Tape. No-one has calculated how many metres of tape have been used!
Now, the building is looking great and will be water tight. All this has been achieved thanks to the generosity of the SITA Trust, the great skill of Team Force and Burridges and of course Martel Scaffolding.