Things to see and do at Seaton Delaval Hall

Whether you’re taking in the sweeping landscape, soaking up the fire-scarred grandeur and atmosphere of the Central Hall or relaxing in the gardens there’s something very special to discover at Seaton Delaval Hall.


Just so you know...

This article was created before the coronavirus crisis, and may not reflect the current situation. Please check our homepage for the most up to date information about visiting.



Built in the early 18th-century, Seaton Delaval Hall is one of the best surviving examples of English Baroque.
The Central Hall is regarded by many as the finest work of renowned architect Sir John Vanbrugh - who also designed Castle Howard and Blenheim Palace. 
Full of contrasts and surprises, there are plenty of secrets to uncover at Seaton Delaval Hall. 

Central Hall

Step inside the Central Hall and its 300 year history is clearly visible - a unique space that really fires the imagination. 
From its heyday as the impressive entrance to the Delaval family's grand mansion, it has seen many parties, survived great fires and military occupation and remains awe-inspiringly beautiful.

The stables

Atmospheric and grand, the old stables are well worth a visit. Step inside and you can really imagine Seaton Delaval Hall in it's heyday – a bustling, busy place; full of life. 
Here, you can see where the horses belonging to guests would have been kept, as well as paraded for all to see. The stables are very close to the cafe - the perfect place for a rest!

The Basement

Underneath the Central Hall, the dimly lit basement formed an expansive network of living and working areas for the servants here.
Today, they are an eerie reminder of what once occurred there, with a sink in the corner of the laundry room and a strong room for valuables in the steward's room.

Woodland walks

Explore the quiet and peaceful woodland on the woodland trail and stretch your legs on a walk. 
The woodland puts on an amazing show of colours - during spring stroll among the daffodils that dress the ground. 
There's also some fantastic den building spots and lots for our younger visitors to explore!

Fresh air

One of the most spectacular features of Seaton Delaval Hall is the amazing Vanbrugh landscape which surrounds the Delaval’s former home. 
With sweeping open spaces and lots of hidden nooks and crannies there's plenty to explore. Take a walk to the obelisk for a fantastic view of the Hall then take a stroll through the wide, open landscape and enjoy the gentle sea breeze drifting up from the coast.