Join the Shaw's Corner team

Visitors and volunteers in the garden

Two volunteers explain why they got involved, what they do - and how you can join them.

Why Terry and Val volunteer

'Because of the complexity of the man,' explains Terry. 'I love [Shaw's] observations on life, his fellow man, his hatred of injustice, his courage to stick to his beliefs. In short, a complete and fascinating man! A titan! You can feel his physical presence in the house. I’ve just completed my 13th season, hooked for life!
" A complete and fascinating man!"
- Terry

'As a Room and Garden Guide, I enjoy meeting people, listening to their interests and drawing on my knowledge of Shaw. It is especially rewarding talking to visitors from abroad as many have a good knowledge of Shaw and his contemporaries.'
'We have long been supporters of the National Trust and hoped that on retirement an opportunity would arise to help with its work,' says Val. 'The added, and most important, ingredient was our interest in the theatre and [Terry] having worked for Shaw's country solicitor Ivo Curral. His infatuation with GBS was infectious!'

What we do

Room guiding
Welcoming visitors to Shaw's Corner and ensuring that they have a very enjoyable visit is key to our work
Cleaning and cataloguing
Throughout the year we clean and check the collections, frequently adding catalogued items
Getting dirty!
Cleaning out the Well House is an annual and grubby task but one that is very satisfying
Every month we have a volunteers' social and training event. From trips out to talks, the food is always great

Why volunteer at Shaw's Corner?

  • It's a beautiful place to work
  • You'll be part of a great team
  • You'll develop new skills
  • You'll make a real difference
  • You can enjoy National Trust membership
  • You'll help our visitors to enjoy their visit
  • You can share your knowledge, energy and enthusiasm with others.