The Collection

Pictures, books and other objects above the mantelpiece in the Study

See the artefacts that George Bernard Shaw, and his wife Charlotte, held dear: both everyday items and literary mementos.

A literary treasure trove...

When George Bernard Shaw died in November 1950, he left behind a house filled with the relics of a long and fascinating life - two long and fascinating lives, as many of the objects in the house were purchased by Shaw's wife Charlotte. From the stunning bust of Shaw sculpted by Rodin, his Best Screenplay Oscar for the film adaptation of Pygmalion awarded in 1939, to the daily tools of a writer that cover his desk, the collection at Shaw's Corner is full of treasures.

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Man and Cameraman

Shaw's vast photographic archive is stored at the London School of Economics. The majority of the 20,000 items have been catalogued and digitised and you can search the collection online.

GBS and William Morris

Shaw was a great friend of William Morris and held a lifelong commitment to the older man's ideals. Shaw's Corner was furnished with Morris & Co textiles - and we still have many of the originals.

A well-stocked library

Bernard and Charlotte Shaw amassed several thousand books in a rich and eclectic collection that they both used for daily research and enjoyment. From the Bible to H.G.Wells, via Socialism and Eastern religions, there are some 4,000 books.