An exciting new role at Sheringham Park

Test event image for Repton Lights

Are you interested in becoming project manager of the biggest visitor engagement event ever undertaken at Sheringham Park?

In 1812 Humphry Repton presented his design for Sheringham Park to the Abbot Upcher in one his famous Moroccan Red Books. Repton died only six years later never to see his vision for the park fully implemented. However successive generations of the Upcher family continued to use Reptons design as a blueprint for the management and enhancement of the estate, the last major Repton intervention ‘the temple’ was not built until 1975. Sheringham Park is now widely seen as the finest example of his work.

Two hundred years on from his passing Sheringham Park is leading the National Trust’s celebration of his life. A series of events will culminate in a light show in November.  We are looking for a project manager to work collaboratively  with an international team of artists including Richard Milner and Tundra to bring a specific lighting installation to Sheringham Park , which will highlight Repton views across the property and encourage visitors to think about Repton’s designs, as they experience the park in an entirely new way.  

If you are excited as us about this project take a look at the full brief for the role.

" Sheringham possesses more natural beauty and local advantages than any other place I have ever seen."
- Humphry Repton