Dog walking in Sheringham Park

Dog walking on a lead

We're as mad about dogs as you are. With marked trails of between one and five miles we hope you and your dogs will enjoy the varied habitats of Sheringham Park.

Please help us keep the park safe, healthy and enjoyable place for you, your dog, fellow visitors, wildlife and livestock by adhering to the following.

You are welcome to let your dog off the lead in many areas of the park as long as it is under close control. By this we mean your dog is in sight at all times, you are aware of what it is doing and it will return to you promptly on your command. This is particularly important at this time of year during the bird breeding season.
Please remember not everybody loves dogs, please be considerate to each other and put your dog on a lead if you think they might be upsetting other visitors.
We also ask you keep your dog on a lead in the car park and around the visitor centre, the toilets and courtyard café.
Signage will indicate where cattle are grazing where we also ask you to put your dogs on a lead. In the unlikely event of cattle chasing you it is then safer to let your dog off the lead. 
More information about walking near cattle with your dog.
The only area where dogs are excluded is the Bower as many families and school parties use this area for a variety of fun and educational activities. You can secure your dogs to posts outside while you go in to see the wild flower meadow, sensory garden and take a look what is in the wildlife pond.
Everyone knows how unpleasant dog mess is so please bag it and bin it. Bins are sited along the main drive and close to the car park.

Around the visitor centre drinking bowls and hitching posts are provided. We happy for you to bring you dog on a lead into the shop/visitor centre where they can choose themselves a new lead, collapsible dog bowl or a tasty treat. They can also join you as you choose a treat for yourself in the Courtyard Café.