Early spring in Sheringham Park

Pieris tree in flower at Sheringham Park

Nature is on the move, winter migrant birds like fieldfare and redwings are leaving us, while chiffchaff, sand martin and blackcap amongst many others will be returning to Sheringham Park. The first butterflies will be on the wing and the colour of the wild garden will be increasing almost by the day.

Flowering Plants

Rhododendron species including macabeanum, calophytum, and lutescens bring early spring colour to the wild garden. Our pierises, believed to be among the largest in the country, are covered in white bell-like flowers , just follow the hum of the bees. In April patches of bluebells can be seen in many places brighting up all our marked trails around the park.


Macabeanum, one of the early flowering rhododendrons at Sheringham Park
Macabeanum rhododendron in flower at Sheringham Park


Great spotted woodpeckers drumming, the vibrant song of the skylark high above you and the melodious blackcap are just some of the sounds that provide a soundtrack to a walk here in early spring. A glance skywards may be rewarded with the sight of a soaring buzzard or the occasional red kite. Keep an eye out for birds on migration, some like wheatear may just be passing through, or a chiffchaff which amongst many other species are returning to breed here.  

The tell-tale drumming will alert you to the presence of a great spotted woodpecker.
Great spotted woodpecker at in the woodland at Sheringham Park

Other Wildlife Highlights

Spring sunshine will bring out basking adders and butterflies on the wing. Orange tip, brimstone and peacock are particularly visible but also look out for the diminutive holly blue and small copper. Frogs and toads can be seen in and around the ponds. If you are quiet you may enjoy good views of roe deer and muntjac.

Brimstone resting in the sun in the wild garden at Sheringham Park
Brimstone butterfly at Sheringham Park