Flowering Update at Sheringham Park

Rhododendron blue tit flowering at Sheringham Park

A walk through the wild garden at this time of year reveals changes on an almost daily basis. The cold start to spring has meant things are little behind but the warmer weather of the last few days has brought a lot more colour into the park.

Rhododendrons and azaleas

The rhododendrons in early May bring a variety of colour to the wild garden. Look out for the blue flowering varieties of blue tit (yes, that is a rhododendron variety) along the main drive and augustinii in the secret garden.

Red is well represented along the main drive with arboreum amongst the tallest of our varieties growing as tall as our rhododendron viewing towers and dominating the entrance to the secret garden.  The blood red matador and the deep coloured varieties of taurus and Grace Seabrooke are also showing well. Look above your head at the facetum hybrid in the secret garden providing a nice contrast with the nearby flowering magnolia.  

There is more colour on the middle path, look out for the bell shaped white and pink flowers of the fulvum and bureavii specimens alongside the impressive falconnii.

In the last week Cunningham’s white, davidsonianum (white with a touch of purple), loderi King George (purple buds and white flower) and the first azalea lutem (yellow) have all come into flower.

Facetum rhododendron adding to the mix of colours in the secret garden.
Flowering rhododendron at Sheringham Park

More highlights from the Wild Garden

There are also a number of magnolias in flower including the many petalled white flowers of the stellata variety and the saucer-shaped wilsonii. Listen out for the hum of bees on the flowering cherry trees and take time to visit the sensory garden in the Bower where bugle & colt's foot amongst others are in flower.  

The white and orange flowered dipelta has just started showing its colours in the secret garden. The snowdrop and handkerchief trees are just starting to flower, we estimate should be at their best in a week to 10 days.     

Magnolia stellata is showing well at the moment.
Magnolia stellata in the secret garden




The bluebell display is now at its best; a number of patches of can be seen throughout the estate including the wild garden, Cracking Hill, Oak Wood and Weybourne Heath. On Weybourne Heath the bluebells flank the paths and in some places the white flowers of greater stitchwort are mixed in providing a nice contrast of colours.

Bluebells and greater stitchwort provide a nice combination along the paths of Weybourne Heath.
Bluebells and greater stitchwort in flower on Weybourne Heath



Buttercups has turned the bulk of the parkland into sea of yellow, patches of cowslips add to the display. Primroses are still providing good colour along the parkland edges where cowslips are also a feature.


Buttercups providing a sea of colour in the parkland.
Buttercups in flower in the Sheringham parkland

The secret garden is mentioned in this article several times but where is it? Take a walk down the main drive and then follow the directions to trees 5 & 6 off to the left and you are in the secret garden. There is something to see in this area most times of the year.  

9th May 2016