International Garden Photographer of the Year Exhibition returns to Sheringham Park

Winning image from the Repton Category

The ever popular International Garden Photographer of the Year exhibition returns to Sheringham Park and this year it will feature images from a special category, celebrating the great landscape designer, Humphry Repton.

Located in the tranquil surroundings of the Bower Garden, over 40 images can be seen featuring plants in woodland, landscapes, urban settings and of course gardens.

We are thrilled to also feature this year, as part of the Humphry Repton bicentenary celebrations; images of landscapes he designed over 200 years ago, which can still be enjoyed today. We're pleased to say images of Sheringham Park feature in this category.  

Curtis McGlinchey, from International Garden Photographer of the Year, said; 'We're extremely excited to be returning to Sheringham Park in 2018, as we work together to celebrate the value of gardens, plants and green spaces, not just on an international level but also much closer to home. This year sees the winners of our collaborative Humphry Repton special award exhibited for the first time. Sheringham Park is often cited as Repton's most favourite work so this makes for a rather special and meaningful exhibition that is intimately linked to the host venue.'

The overall winning image was taken by Marcio Cabralin in Brazil of a Paepalanthus chiquitensis plant, which is endemic to South America.

The overall winning image taken in Brazil
International Garden Photographer of the Year Exhibition Overall Winner
The overall winning image taken in Brazil
" The Paepalanthus chiquitensis is a special plant, endemic to South America with main occurrence in the cerrado region of Brazil. The plant itself is not considered endangered, however the accelerated advance of monoculture plantations (for example soya) in this region is causing concern. It is critical to shine a light on the wonder of these plants and take steps to preserve the unique beauty of the cerrado ecosystem. I intensified the natural glow of sunrise by increasing the contrast between the flowers and grass."
- Marcio Cabral

The exhibition also includes the ‘Breathing Spaces’ category, which is sponsored by the National Trust. This year it was won by Andrea Pozzi, for her picture taken of Yukon Territory in Canada. Runners-up images in this category include an image of Thornham in Norfolk by Chris Herring.

Do you have a good image of your own? Why not enter this year's competition? You may be lucky enough to feature in next year's exhibition. 

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Projection on to Sheringham Hall for Repton Revealed

Repton Revealed: Illuminating his vision at Sheringham Park

Sheringham Park is widely considered the finest example of Humphry Repton's work. For seven nights in November 2018, we'll be illuminating his vision for the park, with a stunning light display.