Repton Revealed: Illuminating his vision at Sheringham Park

Projection on to Sheringham Hall for Repton Revealed

We invite you to the highlight event of our 2018 Repton bi-centenary celebrations. For 7 nights in November Sheringham Park will be filled with spectacular light installations by award winning arts collective Tundra*. Join us for an evening of light, beauty and transformation celebrating the life and work of Humphry Repton.

Humphry Repton described Sheringham Park as his ‘most favourite work’. Visitors today are still able to enjoy his vision, which he delivered to the owners of Sheringham Park in 1812 in one his famous red leather books.

Repton Revealed will take you on a journey which begins as you enter the park, become part of Repton’s vision and learn more about his story.

As you walk the mile long Repton Drive you are guided through never seen before installations and illuminations describing his vision for Sheringham Park.

Just as Repton designed his landscapes to lead through to a stunning reveal, you will travel through a series of light pieces to the reveal and finale of the piece in the parkland.

Complete with music, entertainment, food and drink, dress up warm and experience Sheringham Park in a new light with this dazzling nocturnal display before being transported by coach for a 10 minute journey back to your car.

This one off event for all the family is an experience not to be missed!

Make the most of your evening