Sheringham Park Flowering Update 1st June 2017

The rhododendron display from the top of one of the veiwing towers

The show in the wild garden is very close to its peak, as you walk along the main drive your senses will be stimulated by the colour and smell of the rhododendron display.

Rhododendrons and azaleas

The dominant species ‘ponticum’ is in full flower knitting the display together along the main drive and providing a sea of colour from the two rhododendron viewing towers.

The red Britannia rhododendron planted in 1953 rules the top section of Summerhouse Valley (first valley on your right), while ponticum and the pink fortunii hybrid delightfully frames the view from the top of the Ling House valley.

A number of rhododendron hybrids and azaleas provide the variety of colour, look out for the aptly named ‘glowing embers’ azalea lighting a woodland clearing along the main drive. An area near the Ling hut replanted just over a decade ago is good example where a number of varieties of rhododendrons and azaleas provide a blaze of colour amongst the heather.    

A walk back to the visitor centre along the tree trail provides a more intimate and peaceful feel, giving you with time to contemplate the many varieties that are on display here. 
You may see we have undertaken some clearance work along the tree trail. A team of volunteers have cut back rhododendron ponticum which left unchecked will take over the garden. This has given other species room to provide more variety to the display.

The combination of rhododendrons and azaleas are still providing a good variety of colours.
Flowering rhododendrons and azaleas along the main drive at Sheringham Park

More Highlights from the Wild Garden

Seek out a clearing close a to the 2nd rhododendron viewing tower where 6 Chilean lantern trees are in full flower combining well with the surrounding rhododendrons.

Good numbers of foxgloves can be seen throughout the wild garden adding contrast to the colours of the rhododendron display. 

Take time to seek out a group of six Chilean lantern trees in flower
Chilean lantern trees in flower at Sheringham park

Other Flowering Highlights

If you continue your walk along the drive from the wild garden into the parkland you will be rewarded with sea of buttercups in flower.

The wildflower meadow in the Bower is flourishing with campion, yellow rattle, ragged robin as well as ox-eyed daisies all providing a show.

Buttercups providing a sea of colour in the parkland.
Buttercups in flower in the Sheringham parkland