Take a look at Fungi in Sheringham Park

Fungi - Dead man's fingers found in the woodland at Sheringham Park

Fungi are vital component of nature, without it probably most of our woodland and many of our plants would not exist.

Over 15000 species occur in the UK, and a wide variety can be found here at Sheringham Park. Their names alone attract is enough to catch your attention waxcaps, earthstar, stinkhorn and dead man’s fingers have all been recorded here.

If you would like to add to your knowledge of this wide ranging and fascinating subject book on to one of our fungi events this October.



Fungi Foray 7th October

Dr Tony Leech will lead a 2 hour walk to search for fungi growing in the wild garden, woodland and grassland. He will provide identification for the specimens collected either on the day or at a later date for any unusual specimens.

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Fungi Workshops 11th & 13th October

Spend a day to take an in depth look into the world of fungi with Norfolk recorder Dr Tony Leech. Through a combination classroom and field sessions collect and learn how to identify the wide variety of mushrooms and toadstools which can be found at Sheringham Park. Very often a new species for the park is found on these workshops increasing our knowledge of what can be found here.

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" Fungi are fascinating – they come in a huge range of shapes, sizes and colours and are imbued with a rich folklore… some are tasty, and at least one that grows in Norfolk will kill you! There is always something new to learn"
- Rob Coleman - Learning Officer