Visiting Sheringham Park as a family?

Here’s what to expect when bringing your family to Sheringham Park. You’ve still got to pack the car and get the kids strapped in, but it will all be well worth it when you all return home full of fresh air and memories of outdoor adventures!

Burn off some energy outdoors

There’s plenty of space here for those needing to burn off some energy. With nearly 1,000 acres to explore, you can take a stroll or cycle around to enjoy the variety of habitats Sheringham Park has to offer.

'50 Things to do before you’re 11 ¾'

How about becoming the explorer you were meant to be, with our ‘50 things to do before you’re 11¾’ activities. You can pick up a ‘50 things’ guide from the visitor centre.

Three of the '50 things' to try at Sheringham Park

Den building at Sheringham Park

No. 4: Build a den

Explore the Bower garden, where you’ll find plenty of sticks ready to build a den. Once it’s constructed, crawl in and peer out. Do you feel cosy and safe?

Sheringham Park gazebo tower

No. 28: Climb a huge hill

Get a new perspective – Sheringham Park has Temple Hill and several viewing platforms to climb, including the 192 step Gazebo with impressive views along the coastline and out to sea.

Go cloud watching

No. 33: Go cloud watching

Find a spot to lie down and look up to the sky and see what shapes, trails and colours you can see in the clouds. Can you make up a story about any of the shapes you can see?

Explore the Bower garden

Abbott and Charlotte Upcher were the first owners of the Sheringham Park estate and they fell in love with the place. As their daughter Emma later said of her parents, ‘they found a spot they thought a paradise, and there began to build their ‘bower’.’ 

Some 200 years later, the Bower garden has been created as a fantastic place for adults and children to explore, discover and have fun.

Use all your senses as you explore the Bower
The Bower sensory garden
Use all your senses as you explore the Bower

Sensory garden

The sensory garden is full of plants to awaken your senses – take in the smell of the lavender and rosemary, feel the texture of the different leaves, look at the spiky structure of the sea holly and listen to the leaves rustling in the breeze. 

The Pond

Peer into the depths of the pond and see what lurks beneath the surface of the water. You might be lucky enough to spot newts hiding, and on a summers day you’ll probably see dragonflies patrolling for prey and laying their eggs on the surface of the water.

The wildflower meadow

Our wildflower meadow is full of different flowers species and throughout the summer months it hums with insect life.

Den building area

Test out your architecture and construction skills in our den building area – No. 4 of the ‘50 things to do before you’re 11 ¾’!

Mini beast zone

Tucked away behind the learning centre you’ll find an area teeming with marvellous minibeasts. Carefully turn over the logs and see what’s hiding underneath – remember to always put things back gently where you found them! Use the identification boards to learn more about the creepy crawlies you uncover – and if you’ve picked up a Tracker Pack from the visitor centre, you’ll be able to observe them in detail through a magnifier bug pot!

Eating with us?

Our friendly Courtyard Café is open at the weekends at this time of the year. We offer children’s lunch boxes, which consist of a sandwich, Pom Bears, a carton of juice and a choice of either a yoghurt, a piece of fruit or raisins. 

Good to know

• You’ll find unisex baby-changing facilities in the toilet barn, opposite the visitor centre.

• Bottles and baby food can be warmed up in the courtyard café.

• High chairs are available in the courtyard café.

• If you fancy a picnic, you'll find picnic benches close to the visitor centre, but you’re also welcome to picnic on a blanket in the grounds throughout the estate.

• There are plenty of buggy-friendly paths around the estate, just pick up a map from visitor reception so you know where to go.

• Children’s Tracker Packs are available from the visitor centre – why not borrow one for a few hours to add to the adventure?

• The Bower is a dog-free place for families to explore, relax and have fun. If you bring your four legged family friend with you, you can secure it to a post outside while you go in to see the wild flower meadow, sensory garden and to see what’s in the wildlife pond.

• We advise that appropriate footwear is worn for a countryside walk.

• Lockers are available close to the visitor centre.

• Look out on our events page for a diverse range of family activities over the school holidays.

National Trust Membership for families

If you’re not already a National Trust member, why not enjoy the benefits of family membership? We've also introduced a £10 junior membership to inspire the next generation of nature and heritage lovers. You’ll be able to explore over 500 special places like Sheringham Park for free and if you join as part of your visit to Sheringham Park, you’ll have helped support the conservation of this incredible place.