Sheringham Park Flowering Update

Rhododendron blue tit flowering at Sheringham Park

Spring is a time of change. A walk through the wild garden at this time of year reveals changes on an almost daily basis. This is the first of planned weekly updates during this period. The cold weather over the last 2 to 3 weeks has held back many of the plants coming into flower but the warmer weather of the last few days has brought a lot more colour into the park.

Rhododendrons and azaleas

The rhododendrons in early May bring a variety of colour to the wild garden. Look out for the blue flowering varieties of blue tit (yes, that is a rhododendron variety) along the main drive and augustinii in the secret garden.

Red is well represented along the main drive with arboreum amongst the tallest of our varieties growing as tall as our rhododendron viewing towers and dominating the entrance to the secret garden.  The blood red matador and the deep coloured varieties of taurus and Grace Seabrooke are also showing well.

There is more colour on the middle path, look out for the bell shaped white and pink flowers of the fulvum and bureavii specimens.

Banks of rhododendrons and azaleas dominate a clearing, currently with bluebells in flower, halfway down the main drive. Of the particular interest at the moment is the deep purple flowering niveum variety. This colour was seen as a sign of death by many Victorians who removed from them their gardens, with the result that it is now a rare sight in British gardens.

The red flowers of rhododendron Grace Seabrooke will catch the eye as you walk along the main drive.
Rhododendron Grace Seabrooke in flower along the main drive.

More highlights from the Wild Garden


Although our giant pierises flowering season is nearly at an end, do still seek them out as the scarlet new leaves make them a striking sight.

There are also a number of magnolias in flower including the many petalled white flowers of the stellata variety. Listen out for the hum of bees on the flowering cherry trees and take time to visit the sensory garden in the Bower where bugle & colt's foot amongst others are in flower.      

Magnolia stellata is showing well at the moment.
Magnolia stellata in the secret garden


The bluebell display is now at its best; a number of patches of can be seen throughout the estate. On Weybourne Heath the bluebells flank the paths and in some places the white flowers of greater stitchwort are mixed in providing a nice contrast of colours.

Bluebells and greater stitchwort provide a nice combination along the paths of Weybourne Heath.
Bluebells and greater stitchwort in flower on Weybourne Heath



The star species in this area at the moment is undoubtedly cowslips putting on their best display for many years. Primroses are still providing good colour along the parkland edges and buttercups are starting to come through, which we hope will provide a carpet of yellow in the coming weeks.

Cowslips are currently putting on a very good display in the parkland
Cowslips at Sheringham park

4th May 2016