A day as a ranger volunteer

Shugborough ranger volunteers digging a hole

Our ranger team is always out and about doing vital work to protect our Parkland. One of their jobs was to redo the fencing at Satnal Hills to keep this historic boundary intact, this is what some of our ranger volunteers got up to.

First, the team had to decide on the position for the strainer post and dig a hole for it.

Our ranger volunteer Robert captured Sheila and Harold starting to dig the hole
Ranger volunteers Sheila and Harold digging a hole

This wasn’t just any hole, but a very round and precise hole that had to battle past tree roots, stones and anything else that got in our team’s way. In total, it was around four feet deep. They then dropped in the large strainer post, and made sure that it was level and in the correct position.

The strainer post is an important part of the fence line, we put one in at each end of a stretch of wire and by digging it in 3-4 foot deep it is strong enough to hold the wire taught.

Our team, lead by ranger Emma, made sure that the wood is level and upright
Shugborough rangers fitting in a fence
Our volunteers, with the help of ranger Emma, are carefully refilling the hole and compacting it down to ensure the post is secure
Shugborough's rangers filling a fence post hole

Our team then bore into the strainer post and insert 2 struts, these will keep the strainer post upright when the wire in tensioned.

The strainer in now in place ready to take the fence wire.

Our ranger's final structure, ready for wiring
A fence at Shugborough

Without volunteers like Rob, Sheila and Harold we wouldnt be able to do the work that we do to protect this important part of Staffordshire's countryside. A huge thank you to all the volunteers here at Shugborough.