Accessing Shugborough

Group plus a wheelchair user in the tea room

Find out the information you may need to make your visit to Shugborough as easy as possible.

Traveling around the estate

One you arrive at visitor reception, you have a variety of options as to how you want to travel around the estate. Our volunteer run buggy service can take you down to Park Farm and the Mansion and runs all day. This includes a wheelchair accessibly buggy. If you want to journey around at your own pace, you can grab one of our trampers to transport you. 

All of our pathways are surfaces for you to wander, but please take in mind that it is a 15 minute walk (800m) to the mansion from our visitor reception.

Access all corners of the estate
Two people, one in a motorised wheel chair, exploring the walled garden
Access all corners of the estate

Using the facilities.

We have three toilet facilities across the estate. The closest ones to you on your arrival are at the Plant and Gifts shop by visitor reception. We also have a Changing Places facility at Park Farm. All facilities have baby changing areas, with Park Farm toilets having a breast feeding chair. 

Food and Shopping

Accessing our buildings.

The front of the mansion has 7 steps leading to the entrance. Wheelchairs users can use the stair-climber to access the mansion. Please note that the stair-climber cannot accommodate electric wheelchairs or motorised scooters.

The Lichfield Apartment entrance sits to the left of the mansion front doors. As there are steps into the Apartment, it is not suitable for wheelchair users. The Servants Quarters and Park Farm house have uneven surfaces but are still accessible.

Come into our Mansion
Child running up the stairs on the mansion
Come into our Mansion

Accessing our gardens

All of our gardens have rolled, even pathways for you to wander through and enjoy the seasonal blooms. The formal gardens are wheelchair accessible, but the path closest to the house has some steps to the terraces. 

The arboretum forms part of the wider gardens and is accessed from the formal gardens via a bridge at either end. Each bridge has a small step although path works have minimised the step as much as possible. Keep in mind that in extreme weathers, the arboretum may be uneven and muddy in places. 

There are benches dotted around our gardens so you can stop, take a break and reflect on your visit. 

Take a seat and enjoy the view of the Formal Gardens.
Couple taking a break on a bench in the Formal Garden.
Take a seat and enjoy the view of the Formal Gardens.

Adventures in the parkland

The paths in the wider parkland have no hard surfacing and the walking routes may have cattle grids. Farm animals roam the parkland freely in some areas and will naturally leave some muck in their wake. If you venture out into the wider parkland, you may want to use an OS map.

Download our full accessibility statement here. (PDF / 1.12890625MB) download