Care and conservation during the winter months

Even though our Mansion is closed, we have not put our house to bed. Instead, behind the closed doors it is a hive of activity

During these periods, our house team work tirelessly to care and protect our collections and buildings. 

This year we have been able to begin our winter deep clean. This is an opportunity for us to get up close and personal with the objects to check their condition and give then a good clean.  It is an interesting process, as it has highlighted areas that have been affected by pests. For example we found an infestation wood worm in one of our barrels in the Servant’s Quarters, which was immediately and affectively treated with conservation grade treatment. . Our team have also been carrying out some more general cleaning to our collection, such as dusting our copper, waxing our furniture and vacuuming our textiles

This is the aftermath of a barrel that has been treated for woodworm
A barrel at Shugborough that has been treated for woodworm

In 2017, we began a project to fire proof our Mansion. Our team have been installing new fire doors and carefully taking up floor boards to see how we can make our buildings as safe as possible. This is an ongoing project that you may be able to see on your next visit.

Our fireproofing project is well underway
A fire door being installed at Shugborough
Rover 75

Travelling in Style

Next season, we hope to be displaying the 4th Earl of Lichfield’s Rover 75