Our play area, Explorers' Wood

Child on zipwire

Little explorers have a whole new area to play, discover and be inspired at Shugborough, complete with an impressive natural play area.

Inspired by the story of George Anson’s Journey around the world, Explorers’ Wood is a children’s play area that compels you to use your imagination and play. The nautical themes evoke a sense of adventure that’s impossible to resist.

The area has something to offer explorers of all ages and is laid out with more challenging structures to discover the deeper you explore. Natural materials have been used wherever possible to blend in with the beautiful surroundings. Chopped logs and picnic benches provide a comfortable space to recover and relax from your adventures.

We'd like to give special thanks to our local school, Anson Primary, for helping us with the design of our play area. 

Explorers’ Wood Top 5

  • Crawl through the canons – Two concrete pipes discovered on the estate have been used to create large canons that face-off.
  • Climb the lookout – For the bravest and oldest explorers. Climb the structure at the far end of the area and look out at the surrounding views. 
  •  Face up to a sea monster – Smaller explorers can climb over or duck under its many tentacles.
  • Soar through the air – Pick up some speed and get a real sense of adventure on our zip line. 
  • Get creative with crates – use your own imagination to climb from crate to crate avoiding the floor.