Opening up the Arboretum

Blue Bridge over the river at Shugborough

Previously, when you journeyed around the arboretum enjoying the seasons, you may have been hindered by muddy pathways and imposing fences.

We have invested in a new surface and removed old fences, to ensure that you do not miss all of our wonderful trees from all over the world, and Lord Lichfield’s very own oak collection. This part of the estate gives lovely views of the mansion, views that would have also been enjoyed by generations of Ansons. 

We have worked hard to opened up the views
Old gate in the arboretum
We have worked hard to opened up the views

Our team have carried out an archaeological dig to discover where the original hoggin path once was. We have then purchased a new surface from a local source in Rugeley, which will be placed on top of the ground. We are not digging into the ground, as this may cause serious damage to the trees and disrupt some important archaeology. This work is all part of our project to open up the original views of Shugborough for you to enjoy. We have carried out some more important archaeological surveys that have uncovered some exciting finds.