Opening up the views

The gardening team at Shugborough clearing some common rhododendrons

When the Anson family returned from Church in Colwich, they would have entered their estate through Essex Gate and marvelled at the view of the Doric Temple before arriving at the foot of the Mansion

When we took over Shugborough Estate in 2016, this view was blocked by a series of large Rhododendrons. In our efforts to restore the Estate to how it would have looked to the Anson family, we made the decision to remove these Rhododendrons and expose to the original beds from the early mid-19th century.

These plants have not just been removed so we can enjoy the view. We inherited Rhododendron ponticum, which is a brutal plant that may carry Phytophthora ramorum, a disease that kills Oak and other species of trees and plants. 

You can still enjoy these beautiful rhododendron hybrids on your walk
Rhododendrons by the clock tower at Shugborough
You can still enjoy these beautiful rhododendron hybrids on your walk

We hope to reinstate hybrid Rhododendrons into the space. We’re beginning to propagate our own Shugborough-grown Rhododendrons from existing hybrid plants that remain around the gardens.  However, this takes a long time and a lot of money, so this project is unlikely to be completed for several years.

In the meantime, take a walk around Shugborough and enjoy being teased by the Doric Temple before being whisked left to the grandeur of the Mansion. Talking these walks supports us so we can complete these important conservation projects.

Visitors in the Walled Garden at Shugborough

What there is to do at Shugborough

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Cleaning the carpets at Shugborough

Care and conservation

Our team are hard at work to care and protect our collections

Dog by the pond at Shugborough

Dogs at Shugborough

What better way to explore our 900 acres of Parkland than with your four-legged friend by your side?