Bringing our paintings off the wall

Conservator conserving wall paintings

Throughout 2019 we will be conserving all eight wall paintings in the Room of Imaginary Landscapes. We hope to discover all the hidden secrets of these paintings, whilst protecting them for years to come.

Following an initial condition survey in 2016, the wall paintings in the Room of Imaginary Landscapes were identified as a conservation priority due to their extremely poor condition. So, with the help of support from your membership, visits and spends in our tea room, we are able to start work on a large scale project to conserve these wonders.

You can see where the paint is seriously flaking
Flaking paint on a canvas
You can see where the paint is seriously flaking

On your visit, you will be able to see all stages of this project. From the scaffolding going up, to the paintings being laid down horizontally, to witnessing our conservators looking after the paintings first hand. Make sure you keep coming back and revisiting to see these paintings returned to their former glory.

We hope that this project will help us reveal some undiscovered secrets. Just a few of the questions we hope to answer are: who actually painted the paintings, what was their true context within the room and how exactly were they conserved previously? We're embarking on an exciting journey, that you can follow below.

One of the wall paintings at Shugborough

Conserving our wall paintings

Check the progress of the careful conservation of our wall paintings