Pay a visit to Park Farm

Tamworth pig at Shugborough

Visit Park Farm to uncover its history and then venture out into our wider estate to see our animals roaming in the field.

Park Farm Yard

Our 19th century Park Farm was once at the forefront of model farms. Young apprentices would travel from far and wide to be trained by the best practicing farmers of that time. 

Come into the farm yard and learn about its history in the exhibitions spaces. Explore Park Farm House and see where the farm workers once lived, stored meat and turned milk into cheese. Then stay a while as we have Park Farm Cafe and our toilets for you to use at the start of your visit to the estate.

Longhorns have been at Shugborough for hundreds of years
Longhorns at Shugborough
Longhorns have been at Shugborough for hundreds of years

Our animals

Today, our farm has a variety of animals for you to see. Look out into the parkland and see our Longhorn cows and Southdown sheep roaming freely. If you visit around springtime, you will be able to see our bouncing lambs enjoying the fresh air. 

We also have some Tamworth pigs located in the hoggeries to the edge of Park Farm. You'll certainly be able to find them by using your nose. Throughout the farm you will also be able to spot our dorkin chickens. Make sure you mind your fingers!

Farms form an important part of many National Trust estates, we always work to the RSPCA’s Assured animal welfare standards, which set out high standards for livestock. This means that we are doing out utmost to care for them.