Park Farm

Our farm is not limited to the once innovative buildings that you see in the courtyard. Stay to learn about how we were once the centre of farming excellence, then venture out into our wider estate to see our animals and how our team are continuing that legacy.

Shugborough was at the forefront of this rise of purpose built model farms, where young apprentices would travel from far and wide to be trained by the best practicing farmers of that time.

Explore the Farm house, where you will be able to see where the farm workers lived, stored meat and turned milk into cheese. Then, pop your head into the exhibition spaces that we have dotted around the courtyard and see why our farm was considered so innovative for its time. 

Make sure that you do not miss the original estate dairy located on the ground floor of the spectacular Tower of the Winds.

The Tower of the Winds
Tower of the Winds, Shugborough, Staffordshire
The Tower of the Winds
Longhorns have been at Shugborough for hundreds of years
Longhorns at Shugborough
Longhorns have been at Shugborough for hundreds of years

Today, we strive to be a centre of farming excellence once more. Because of this, we have recently received RSCPA Freedom Foods accreditation for the welfare of our animals. We have decided to introduce heritage breeds to our farm, this includes southdown sheep, longhorn cattle, tamworth pigs and dorkin chickens. They are not located in the courtyard, instead you will see them enjoying their freedom our in our Parkland.

Lamb at Shugborough

Welcoming new life

It's springtime, so we're ready to welcome bouncing bundles of joy at our farm.