Park Farm

Park Farm was designed by Samuel Wyatt in 1805 as the model estate farm for Thomas Anson.

Shugborough was at the forefront of this rise of purpose built model farms. The development of Park Farm provided a new, more efficient way of farm management incorporating the very latest in modern machinery and up-to-date techniques where the workings of the estate had previously been carried out at White Barn Farm about half a mile south east of Park Farm.   

Park Farm was considered so modern and innovative that young apprentices came from all over the country to be trained in the best farming practices of the time, as well as landed gentry who visited to admire or compare notes.

Explore Park Farm house and see the preparation areas such as the scullery, meat store and kitchen where food including bread was made and normally where the farm workers ate.  Although apprentices would not have been paid their accommodation and meals would have been included at Park Farm house. 

Discover the water mill by the mill pond used to help process animal feed and flour for baking providing bread for the whole estate and is also a fine example of its type in the country.

The original estate dairy used to be sited on the ground floor of the Tower of the Winds which you can visit close by and was originally moated with two bridges either side.

The Tower of the Winds
Tower of the Winds, Shugborough, Staffordshire
The Tower of the Winds

See some heritage breeds such as longhorn cattle, southdown sheep and poultry that live on the estate, just as they would have done 200 hundred years ago when Park Farm was first built.

Longhorn cows in front of Shugborough Mansion

Longhorn Cattle

Longhorns are just one of the many heritage breeds that we have on our farm. You will see them grazing all over the estate. Watch out for their horns!

A southdown sheep

Southdown Sheep

Have you seen our southdown sheep roaming around our fields? They are a historic breed here at Shugborough and have a fascinating history

Tamworth pigs at Shugborough

Tamworth pigs

Come and say hello to our new additions.

Tamworth pig at Shugborough

Welcoming new life to Shugborough

Our farm is always a hub of activity. Out in the Parkland, our animals are ready for the breeding season.