Park Farm at Shugborough

A view of the pigstys at Shugborough's Home Farm

Park Farm has always been, and will continue to form, a key part of the complete working estate at Shugborough.

Since their completion in 1806, the farm and outbuildings have been a key element in the life of the estate, and this will continue under the management of the National Trust. Though Staffordshire County Council rehomed many of the animals, the Trust bought from them the animals which would traditionally have been seen at Park Farm. This means that visitors will be able to see longhorn cattle, southdown sheep, and eventually poultry and pigs, which were all important features of the historic landscape.

Longhorn cows
Longhorn cows at Shugborough Estate, Staffordshire
Longhorn cows

Farms form an important part of many National Trust estates, where we always work to the RSPCA’s Freedom Foods animal welfare standards, which set out high standards that livestock should be kept in. One of the requirements of these standards is for animals to have more space to be free in. Due to the historic construction of Park Farm, ensuring the animals have the right amount of space is harder to achieve, so this has meant reducing the number of different breeds at Shugborough. By reducing the number of breeds we hope to meet or exceed these standards in the future.

Whilst Shugborough was closed over the winter period we also removed a significant amount of fencing from across the estate; which means for the first time visitors will be able to explore the wider estate and gain access to some of the monuments that pepper the landscape to get a closer look.