Planting new areas

Two gardeners potting plants

Have you ever walked along our Lady Walk? It was once used by the ladies of the estate as a way to travel across the Parkland in relative luxury.

The Lady Walk extends from the Pleasure Grounds to the left of the Mansion Tea Room, across the Parkland towards the Tower of the Winds, to the front of Park Farm house ending at the Walled Garden.

Why is a Lady Walk special?

This walk would have only been used by people of a high class, and was an exciting opportunity for ladies to go for a walk unchaperoned. The ladies of the house used this to their full advantage, as there are stories of the ladies dressing up as dairy maids and shepherdesses, frolicking amongst the sweet smelling colourful plants and acting out patting butter in the pretend dairy at the Tower of the Winds.  

What are we doing to the Walk?

Our garden team have started a 10 year project to restore the Lady Walk to what it once was. We’re reading the landscape and using the existing land mounts as templates of where we should plant. 

Currently, we have introduced plants native that would have been available in to the early 19th century as this is when the estate was at its most complete. You can enjoy these plants in front of Park Farm house. 

Why will the project take so long?

To make sure that we are protecting our grade 1 listedlLandscape, we have to make sure that we source peat-free plants from approved suppliers. Once we receive the plants, they must then be in quarantine for a minimum of 6 weeks, checked, cared for and then planted, to make sure that no disease is spread.

Once the plants were ready, the area in front of Park Farm house took five days to plant; two days to plant and three days spent spreading bark and putting plant guards on to protect them from rabbits to complete. 

We could not do this work without your support through membership, admissions and money you spend in our outlets.