Shelter from the weather at Shugborough

Picture of Shugborough Mansion and fountain

Although we have a vast and varied outdoors space, Shugborough estate also offers many places for you to shelter from the wind and the rain.

Park Farm has several places for you to enter and explore what life would have been like on the farm in the 19th century. See our exhibition space above the mill wheel and discover life on the farm in our farm house.

Sheep on the parkland

Park Farm 

Visit the 19th century model estate farm, which extends from Park Farm and out into the Parkland.

Journey through our Parkland and visit the Mansion, Lichfield Apartment and Servant's Quarters and explore stories of the Anson family and the servants of the house. 

While you’re in the Mansion, make sure you take a look at our collection. We are lucky to have some of the most interesting and beautiful pieces.

Once you have finished, why not take a break and enjoy some warm and wholesome food in our tea rooms, or have some retail therapy in our shops?