Shugborough through the eye of Dall

The landscape paintings were painted by Nicholas Dall in c1768, to show the landscape of Shugborough as created by Thomas Anson. They are currently located in the Dining room, so you can get a closer look at Shugborough with all of its features.

Collectively, and with a bit of artistic license, the four Dall paintings show the Mansion after its developments by Thomas Wright, and the arcadian landscape Thomas Anson was trying to create.  They show the Classical Greek revival monuments by James ‘Athenian‘ Stuart, such as the Tower of the Winds, the Arch of Hadrian and the Lanthorn of Demosthenenes.  

They are also an incredibly useful record of some of the landscape features that have now been lost. In 1795, there was a great flood that destroyed some features such as the Pagoda, Cascade and the Obelisk. We currently have an exhibition by resident artist Benjamin Wigley that explains that tumultuous night.

Ben Wigley combines photography with drawings and paintings

A Lost Paradise?

‘A Lost Paradise?’ is a poetic, visual journey through Shugborough’s parkland, taking you back to the tumultuous night of the great flood of 1795.

Did you know? There used to be the villiage of Shugborough that you can see in the paintings.