Southdown Sheep

Southdown is the oldest of the terminal sire breeds in the UK. Originated from native sheep, Southdown’s have roamed the South Downs in the South of England for many hundreds of years

Developed by flockmaster’s into a fixed type in the 18th Century, the breed has been responsible for the development of many native terminal sire breeds such as Suffolk and Hampshire Down.
The Southdown breed is easy lambing, docile and is an easy finishing sheep making it suitable for a range of farming systems in all locations and climates. 

At Shugborough, in the 1800’s there were around 1,700 Southdown ewes, there were also Blackfaced sheep, Welsh and Irish. The flock was incredibly profitable for both their meat and fleece. We are building our flock and have recently introduced two rams, so we can prepare and control the lambing season next year.