Summer in the garden at Shugborough

Wildflowers at Shugborough

The garden at Shugborough are alive with colour during the summer months. Here are just a selection of the must see areas in our garden.

Romantic Roses

Admire the bloom of the roses across the formal gardens. Keep a keen eye out for the Lichfield Rose that grows around the bench by the tennis court. Did you know that our gardeners have taken stock of the roses in the Arboretum, which were planted in the winter? 


Our wildflowers are a kaleidoscope of colour in the Walled Garden, and are the perfect background for some wonderful pictures. They also form the habitat for a lot of wildlife, such as butterflies and bees. 

If you are strolling by the boat house, make sure you admire the wild primroses all around.


Blossoms are a favourite for our bees. The lime tree blossom will be a real site along the lady walk by the Mansion.

See some pruning

Our wisteria on the clock tower blooms a lovely purple in May and June. During the summer months, our gardener Derek will be pruning to ensure it’s unique shape continues for years to come.

When you visit our summer gardens, you are directly contributing to its care.