The Lichfield Apartments

Lord Lichfield and his dog

In 1960, Patrick Lichfield inherited Shugborough from his grandfather the Fourth Earl of Lichfield, Thomas Edward Anson.

It had been his grandfather’s desire to open the house to the public and a landmark agreement was reached to do just this in 1966.  The National Trust took ownership of the property while Staffordshire County Council committed to lease, conserve and maintain the property for 99 years. It is thanks to this lease that the Estate is as we see them today.  

Lord Lichfield established himself as one of the leading professional photographers of the day under the name of Patrick Lichfield.  His remarkable career enabled him to move in social circles photographing and developing close friendships with high profile celebrities and royal family members of the time such as Princess Margaret.

Within the house, Patrick Lichfield had the private apartment created as well as retaining the use of the island facing the house, on which he created his much-loved oak arboretum hosting a unique collection of different varieties of oak trees from Europe across to Asia.

Lord Lichfield continued to live in the apartment along with his three children and played an important role on the estate until his death in 2005. His son, Thomas, is the current Earl of Lichfield.

Explore his apartments and immerse yourself in the time whether that’s relaxing on the settee watching a bit of television or be lured by the smell of coffee into the kitchen and the chance to have a read and a sit down at Patrick Lichfield’s breakfast table. 

Entry to Lord Lichfield’s apartment is through a separate external door which was used by Lord Lichfield himself and is by timed ticket only.

Please ensure you have picked up your ticket from reception before heading up to the Mansion. Tickets are limited and are subject to availability.