The Lichfield Lodges and gates

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The two Lichfield Lodges were built around 1810 to a design by Samuel Wyatt.

In 1845 they were moved from their original location to allow the Trent Valley railway to run through the estate via a tunnel underneath the estate.

Shugborough's Lichfield Lodge
Shugborough's Lichfield Lodge

Once refurbishment work is completed inside, we’ll be redecorating the outside of the Lichfield Lodges as they historically would have been. Forensic paint analysis has shown that doors and window frames would originally have been painted greyish-white, so we’ll be returning them to their original colour scheme.

The other significant change will be the redecoration of the gates, as paint analysis has revealed that they would originally have been painted a grey-black colour rather than green, and would not have had any gilded detailing. The current colour and gilding is believed to be a twentieth century addition, so the gates will be returned to their original colour scheme.