The Mansion

Woman taking a picture of the ceiling in Shugborough's Dining Room

Uncover tales of two brothers through our special collection. One brother on a quest for money, influence and adventure and the other on a quest for paradise, culture and quality.

Getting to the Mansion

Once you arrive at our reception, the mansion is a 15 minute walk away through the parkland. We have a volunteer run buggy service that can take people who need assistance to the mansion. Alternatively, you can ask for one of our trampers from reception to take you all around the estate. 

Please note that the mansion is accessible by stairs. We do have a stepclimber, but it cannot accommodate motorised wheelchairs.

Start your journey
Children walking towards the mansion
Start your journey

Exploring the house

We tell our stories through key pieces in our collection.Instead of showing rooms in their traditional setting, we celebrate these key pieces and use them to evoke the tales of adventures, travels and triumphs of the brothers Thomas and George Anson.

You can explore the Mansion at your own pace and marvel at the glorious colours, textures and detail. You will be able discover the intrepid journey of George, who was only the second englishman to circumnavigate the globe aboard his ship the centurion, and his capture of a Spanish treasure galleon, which ultimately funded much of the Shugborough Estate. 

Uncover hidden stories in our collections
Grandmother and grandson looking at the armorial china at Shugborough
Uncover hidden stories in our collections

On going projects

When you visit the Room of Imaginary Landscapes, you will see that we have started our project to conserve the large wall paintings. 

Conservator looking at Shugborough's horizontal wall painting with a torch

Bringing our paintings off the wall

Find out about our upcoming project to conserve the wall paintings in the Room of Imaginary Landscapes.