The Servants' Quarters

A photograph showing copper saucepans on shelves

Explore life below stairs and the Servants' Quarters that reveal all aspects of servant life, from the different jobs carried out below stairs to the housekeeping and cooking methods and technology available to the staff at the time.

Discover how this essential and often undervalued hive of activity supported the Anson family and their estate throughout the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

Visit the enormous original eighteenth century kitchen largely fitted out with nineteenth century mod-cons of the time and see the vast collection of copper bearing the Lichfield mark.  Talk to our volunteers about the goings on in the kitchen and dishes of the day and spot the wooden ice-cream maker in the room that would have been used to regularly to create fine desserts for family and guests.

See the vast size of a laundry area of two halves one for washing part of the week and the other for drying the second half of the week showing the scale and need for a smooth operation of the washing of linen, clothing and other items needed for cleaning on the estate.

Enter the Servants' Hall and see where the majority of the servants gathered to eat, only once they had done all their chores and seen to their master and his family first though of course!

Wander through both courtyards where the Anson family’s transportation would have been kept and through the midden yard where you will see the central stone circle that would have held a large pile of midden (household waste).

Stroll at your own pace through these extensive Servants' Quarters which is something the real servant staff of the time would not have had the luxury of time to do.

Then be sure to come back to 21st century and delight over a cup of tea in the café about how times have changed for the better!