The Shugborough project

Shugborough Hall

Join us on our journey to revive and reunify Shugborough estate over the next 10 years

The project began as soon as we took over in November 2016. We have already achieved so much in the short time that we have been open. Some of the things we have achieve so far include building a new Visitor Reception, improving the Car Park and taking down, and beginning to reinstall, fencing.

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What we've been doing

We're continuously making improvements at Shugborough. You can find out more about what we've already done here.

Follow our project updates to see what we are doing, as we are doing it.

A view across the lawn to Shugborough Hall

Shugborough project updates

The management of the Shugborough Estate has been transferred back to the National Trust, after being leased by Staffordshire County Council since 1966.

Do you have any questions? Hopefully our FAQ's will answer all that you'd like to know about the project.

The Shepherds Monument, Shugborough, Staffordshire

Frequently asked questions...

Frequently asked questions about what's happening at Shugborough